Friday, November 30, 2012

The Boyfriend Brontannas :)

Yes it’s that time of year again, tonight is the Late Late Toy Show and tomorrow is the first of December, so the C-word ban is officially lifted!


So now we start to worry about presents, yes, we can worry about which beauty voucher to pamper our Mam with, or whether to buy Old Spice for Dad, again, but the big worry this time of year is…

The Boyfriend Bronntanas!

This is a worry for anyone with a boyfriend. They come in the form of:

-          Have a spent too little / too much

-          Am I putting too much / not enough effort into thought, and the best one……

-          What do I get the boy that has EVERYTHING?

So, unlike other websites you might see, I am not going to list presents that are available, but merely give a

“Girl Guide to Boyfriend Bronntanas”

1.       Consider how long you have been together, a few months or a few years…..

It does make a difference, especially on money to spend and effort to put in. Don’t frighten him off your two month relationship with a trip to Tiffanys in New York *hint, hint*

2.       How much CAN you spend?

Don’t start sharpening the knife for you poor piggy bank just yet. A really thought out gift is better than an expensive one that shows no thought is in it.

3.       What does he like?
       Whether he’s GAA mad or all about video games, you need to know something he is interested in. I suggest making a list of all the things he likes to do, or maybe places he has talked about, food he likes. A brain map of sorts,  let’s pretend I’m seeing Ryan Gosling (a girl can dream!)


As I was daydreaming about Ryan, and making up all the things he supposedly likes, I had plenty of ideas about what to get him, make for him, do for him.

Can you think of any for me?

1.       Trip to Belfast with one of his favourite foods thrown in, Sushi for example.
2.     Make his favorite food 9 a voucher for a Greek Night, he gets to be Caesar or get my drift...toga toga )and buy him Bruce Springsteen tickets.

2.       Tickets to a Metallica concert, or a tribute band, if they’re not playing somewhere soon, and an overnight stay.

3.       A new football jersey/hoodie, and a cd. (A safe option, I know, but sometimes the best)

Now, you are probably thinking, these are useless, MY boyfriend would not like any of these presents!



Because  YOU know your boyfriend and if you use these steps, and a little creativity, you should be able to come up with a present that he will love, and love you for!

If all else fails, here are some tips to get you through:

TIP 1: I always have more than one present, even if it’s only small. It can redeem you if you make a mistake….believe me 

TIP 2: You can spice it up a bit by putting in a “Personal Voucher Book”, a very easy thing to print up on a computer (just don’t let anyone else find it), and you can make that as “ahem” personal as you like, plus it costs nothing.

TIP 3: Make it personal, vouchers on their own are generally not a good idea, they are too vague. (Yes, we know he likes clothes)


I think that’s it girlies, so sit back and enjoy the tradition of the Late Late Toy Show, knowing that your Boyfriend Brontannas is in the bag J
If you have any questions or comments, drop me a mail, or post them below :)

Le GrĂ¡,


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mascara Mayhem!

This week its all about my peepers, that's right, it's time for a new mascara. The old one is as dry as Mose's sandal, so off I pop for a new one....easy right? Oh no, mascara mayhem ensues.....

So I am part of the long lash brigade. I have ones like a cow on hair hormones or once someone told me they were like Miss Piggys (honest to God, didn't know if it was a compliment or an insult!)

You can see what I mean, but therein lies the problem...which mascara makes my peepers pop?

I have tried most cult brands, and I have come to the conclusion that it's all in the WAND.

Here are the usual different types in picture :

Starting from left to right:
1. "The General"  - suitable for long lashes looking for volume
2. "The Sleek Chic" - smaller bristles to really seperate thick lashes
3. "The Undecided" - has both comb and bristles for you to decide which is right
4. "The Comb" - most suitable for  short lashes as it really gets to the root of the eyelash and lifts from there.

There has been a new development from Benefit in the shape of the "They're Real" mascara. I have tried it, but I'm not sure it's worth the price :(

Yes, as you can see the ingenius little head on the top of the wand does help to seperate the lashes, but the brush itself is a little wimpy in bristle size, and just does not seperate my lashes enough itself.
our #1 mascara
So to end the sad story, I did what most women do when in a crisis, I went back to my old favourite show stealer:

Volum' Express® The Colossal Washable Mascara

An excellent choice for my long lash type, no clumps, good brush and it stays put even when it's not waterproof.


When your applying your mascara, brush down from the eyelash to towrds the eye once first, then up twice to make sure you cover all hairs :)


Loving today: My Chanel Au Fraiche perfume,

Leaving today : Cold and early mornings

What's your favorite mascara, let me know here :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Making old clothes feel new, and the "10 to 2" syndrome :)

Hello everyone!

Yes, I quit blogging, just after my first one, but just like the Vamp look and leather skirts I'm back with a bang! So lets get started, today were talking waving the style wand and making the old new and fresh.

I had my usual meltdown on a Saturday night before going out....I've nothing new to wear! BUT  creativity rules:

1. Statement necklacel a big look this year, I took and old long necklace I used to wear with quite big baubles on it, and DOUBLED it on my neck (compliments rolled in!)

2. Black tights, shoes and t-shirt with a statement skirt: YES, I had an old tulip skirt I used to wear a few years ago, put a black blazer with studs ontop and hey presto

IT FELT NEW!! (will try post pics later :) )

Looked similar but it was much fresher! Hurrah for keeping stuff you don't wear anymore :) Horders unite

Now for the men:

My tip today: How to avoid being the "TEN TO 2" girl:

A guy is chatting you up at ten to 2, you like him, he likes big deal if you go home with him right?

WRONG, this is what I call the "ten to 2" syndrome, all men have had it at some stage of their lives, they just want someone to go home with and its the end of the night.

Let him take your number, and he will text you if he's interested! If not, you have lost nothing and stayed away from the dreaded "Stride of Pride" aka Walk of Shame :(

Lovin today : Fatty food and roaring fire
Leaving today: Tangles in my hair :(

Slan :)