Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shop Summer Sales for Winter Style


As a great Summer now moves into Autumn, the shops are full of Summer merchandise on sale. And as I trawl among the floral dresses and floaty Summer skirts, the thoughts of Winter are on my mind (unfortunately) But don’t despair ladies, there are plenty of ways snap up a Summer bargain to use for your Winter style, providing you follow these 5 golden rules.

1.       Think layers.  Denim shorts and skater skirts can be worn with leggings and converse for a colder days, as the Rebel  look is still on trend for Winter. Cue more over the top studded leather bracelets and tartan accessories.

2.       Maxis can still be worn in Winter. This could be a more difficult trend to carry off, but as long as it’s not a Summer colour or floral, you can rock it with shoe boots,  a long sleeve top and a cardigan. P.S. Don’t forget your beanie, to really hit the fashion nail on the head!

3.       Watch this colour. The main colours this season are Navy, Burgundies and Reds, Purple, and 40 Shades of Green close behind. Look out for these colours in sale items, especially in skater skirts and flowing tops to pair with skinny jeans and shoe-boots.

4.       Precious metals and gleaming gemstones. Embellishments and metallic are continuing into the cold times to come. Keep an eye out for glittering golds and all things adorned. You can bet that one of your favourite Summer outfits can be rocked with tights and boots instead of bare legs and sandals.

5.       Mad for midis. The midi skirt is still going strong for Winter, this calf level beaut is a fashionista’s best friend this winter. Team with a pair of pointy pumps or even these dainty front bow booties from Penneys, a steal for €15!



And that’s all folks, a quick spring from Summer to Winter! The main rule is to steer clear of bright florals as they are strictly Summerwear. A top stylists tip is to bring a pair of black tights and winter boots (loike shoeboots) with you and try them on in the shop to see what they are like together.


Enjoy your last days of Summer

Le Grá,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bounce in your Barnet - the Baking soda and Vinegar method

If this sounds like a mad idea, I hear you, but take it from yours truly, it works!

I noticed in the last few weeks that my hair was greasy on top, and dry at the ends. Normally I would have a bit of a bounce in my tresses, but for the past few weeks they've been lank and dull. I nearly dislocated my shoulder backcombing to get volume and sprayed many a lotion and potion onto my roots to lift them, all to no avail. I was at my "splits" end

Then I remembered a baking soda and vinegar rinse that I heard of many moons ago. I researched it on the old laptop-aroony, and found mixed results, some people loved it, some loathed it.

I thought it really worked a treat, once I got over the weird sensation of not having a traditional foaming shampoo! Once my hair was dry it felt lighter, they're was definitely more volume and it looked brighter too.....yippee! No more heavy roots!

The one thing I did notice however, was that my longer lengths were a little more difficult to blowdry and not as soft, but I added a lil' Morrocan oil to those babies and they were soft as silk after, and there wasn't even a vinegar smell after rinsing it out! Delira :)

But how does this home hair clarifying work?

Flashback  to my Leaving Cert Chemistry class.....somebody pass me my "science" glasses....

Baking soda is a base (alkaline), and vinegar is an acid. These two cancel each other out when put together, and creates a cool volcano! But it also creates water with a PH value of 7, the same as our skin. With me so far???

Did you know that shampoos is also a base, and conditioner an acid, they are very weak, but that is why they work so well together. However, shampoos and conditioners can also have added chemicals, for colour care, volume boost or clearing dandruff. It's these left behind chemicals that make our hair lank and dull :(

So like shampoo and conditioner working together, so also does baking soda and vinegar as it re-balances our scalps PH, and as the reaction occurs, it removes the build up of products on our scalp and in our hair.

The baking soda removes the build-up because it is like a really strong shampoo without the foam. The vinegar, as an acid, acts like a conditioner, smoothing the hair follicle, and closing the pores on the hair strands.

The method is the exact same as regular shampoo and conditioner. I just put two tablespoons of baking powder in an old shampoo bottle and fill with water, and then two tablespoons of vinegar in a conditioner bottle, and hey presto, my own hair clarifying set ready to use once a week!

Here is another "recipe" to make your own hair clarifying set!.Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Best of luck with your new bouncy barnet.....

As always girls, if you have any questions or comments, post them here! And now F.A.S.H. is writing for the Wexfordian magazine, check it out here

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Le Grá,